Goals for 2017

Every season I like to make a new set of goals for myself.  It really forces me to continue to grow and develop as an angler.  Up until I started tournament fishing I really never worried about going outside of my comfort zone with my tackle or the techniques I used because I usually had success with it.  Tournament fishing definitely changed all of that and it’s crazy to see how much has changed in the last several years.

So, here are my planned goals for 2017….

1) Focus more on jerkbait and shakeyhead fishing

2) 750+ bass out of my kayak

3) Earn a Catch and Release award for both Largemouth and Smallmouth in Illinois

4) Earn a Master Angler award which requires (5) Catch and Release records of (5) different species

5) Fish at least 10 new lakes

6) Catch a largemouth over my PB of 21.25″ from the kayak

7) Catch a smallmouth over my PB of 18.25″ from the kayak

I’ve added all of these goals to my side bar on the website so you can keep track of my progress.  I’ll definitely make a point to make a blog post to recap once a goal is met as well.  I encourage all of you to make your own goals for 2017 and take the time to meet them.  Reading about fishing and learning all you can online is a good start, but nothing beats experience gained from time on the water.

One thought on “Goals for 2017

  1. excellent goals, and probably very achievable. Come on over to the Susquehanna or to Lake Erie and you’ll have that Smallmouth goal smashed in short order.


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