Kayak Tournament Picture Organization Tips!

Fish pictures are probably the hardest thing to get right when kayak tournament fishing…especially when it comes to keeping track of each fish that you catch throughout the day.  Below is a list of tips that have helped me keep better track of my catches that will hopefully help make the submittal process that much easier and error proof for you…

1) Have a piece of paper and pen ready to write down each fish length and time you took it

Having a piece of paper will allow you to write down each fish length in chronological order.  It will help you narrow down your top fish pictures in a shorter amount of time with time references.

2) Always take at least 2-3 pictures of each fish

Some of us may think we get a good picture on the first try, that’s not always the case.  Make sure that your camera is in focus and always take a couple pictures.  Review them before releasing the fish.

3) Always take 1 or 2 non fish pictures in between each fish

Breaking up your fish pictures with a non-fish picture is always a good habit.  This will prevent fish pictures from bleeding together and prevent you having to open up each individual picture to eventually stumble upon a new fish.

4) Move your top fish pictures (1 of each fish) to a separate folder

This will make it extremely easy when submitting….all of your fish will have a single picture without duplicates and will be easier to quickly reference if needed.

5) Submit all of your fish pictures at one time

This can be a tough thing to force yourself to do since we want to always submit them right away, but doing it all at once will prevent you from possibly submitting the same fish twice.      

6) Always…always…always review your fish pictures after they are submitted

Go through every single fish picture.  Are there any duplicates? Are the backgrounds identical in any of the fish pictures which could mean the same fish was submitted twice? Is there a potential deduction for any of the fish pictures and if you need to can you submit a better picture? Did you receive an email confirmation that the fish picture came through?

Hopefully this will help you the next time you’re in a tournament and will hopefully make your life a little easier.  I know that it has helped improve my organization tenfold!

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