Bending Branches debuts the Angler Pro Carbon!

I’m like any other fisherman when it comes to getting excited about a new product.  Especially when it’s something that I use often and will improve my performance on the water!  This time it’s the release of the brand new Bending Branches Angler Pro Carbon, and from what I have seen and felt I can tell you up front that it’s going to be incredible!

I have been fortunate this season to have had the opportunity to paddle the current Bending Branches Angler Pro model and I cannot begin to describe to you how much it has affected my paddling effort in a positive way.  Repetitive motion is commonplace when it comes to kayak fishing and you really don’t realize how mere ounces could alter your fatigue rate and change the outcome of any fishing competition.

My very first paddle from Bending Branches was purchased back in 2015 which is called the Angler Ace that weighed in at 31 ounces…just shy of two pounds.  Now flash forward to 2017 with the release of the Angler Pro Carbon coming in at 25.5 ounces!  That’s a 5.5 ounce difference between the two types of paddles.  Multiply that by 1000 paddle strokes I can easily hit in an outing and that calculates to lifting an equivalent of 343 extra pounds!  I can guarantee that you will notice that big of a difference after a full day of paddling.

Of course along with a lighter weight paddle comes an increase in the price tag, but you can rest assured that your buying a product with years of proven quality and customer service behind it.  That’s exactly why I paddle with Bending Branches, I know exactly what I’m getting and can guarantee it will be a difference maker for me in my 2018 season!

Do not miss out as well on all of the great new color combos of the new and improved standard Angler Pro and all of the great new prices of the Angler Pro, Angler Ace and Angler Classic!  I look forward to seeing Bending Branches paddles in the hands of many more kayak anglers in the near future.

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