Start of the 2017 Kayak Season!

Call it global warming if you will, but this has to be the earliest I have ever been able to get out on my kayak with it actually being comfortable outside!  I honestly couldn’t have asked for better weather my first weekend out (still during winter) with the new NuCanoe Pursuit and luckily the fish … Continue reading Start of the 2017 Kayak Season!

Goals for 2017

Every season I like to make a new set of goals for myself.  It really forces me to continue to grow and develop as an angler.  Up until I started tournament fishing I really never worried about going outside of my comfort zone with my tackle or the techniques I used because I usually had … Continue reading Goals for 2017

Tips for buying your first fishing kayak!

Kayak fishing is booming…one of the fastest growing sectors in the fishing industry right now.  The number of new anglers coming into this once small community is astounding and I couldn’t be happier about it!  So in the spirit of getting those new anglers out on the water…what do you need to consider when picking out … Continue reading Tips for buying your first fishing kayak!